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We Guarantee Pristine Results and 100% Satisfactions.


We Use Eco-Friendly And Non Toxic Products. 

We Clean And Repair All Type Of Rugs: Fine, Antique, Hand Made, Oriental And More.


We Are Competitively Priced.


 We Have The Right Machinery And Expertise.

 We Do Pick Up Cleaning Or In Home Cleaning.

 Our Rugs Cleaning Techniques Are Comprehensive Highly Advanced And Aim At Restoring Your Rugs.

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"I loved your service. I was impressed by how you delivered it after cleaning. It smelled nice while wrapped in plastic."

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"I received the Turkish rugs, and I just wanted to say how happy I am about the results. They look great."

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"Thank you for your services. We have just received the rugs. We are impressed that you completed the work in a short time even though you had an enormous task."



We have been in this business since 1986 and we combine our quality artistry with unparalleled experience. We are the best rug cleaning in NYC.

Rugs play a pivotal role in our households. Besides giving our homes the aesthetic appeal, they also add to the comfort and warmth of our domiciles. However, most of us don’t pay much attention to the cleanliness of these rugs. We just use the common DIY techniques used to clean other household items to clean the rugs, without considering that they need special treatment.


Our area rug cleaning company is the best in the entire region. We ensure that all your rugs are luxuriously cleaned regardless of whether they are made of wool or silk, or whether they are flat weaved or hand knotted.

We take pride in our team of experts who make it their business to pick up your Oriental, Persian, Indian, Chinese and decorator rugs from your home, and take them to our warehouse where they are meticulously cleaned.

In our warehouse, your rugs are passed through rigorous cleansing techniques which gently remove dirt spots, embedded soil and restore back soft textures like when they were new. We have highly experienced cleaners who can remove stains caused by food stains, shoes traffic stains, wine, tar, beverages, and adhesives among others.

Oriental Rug Cleaning
Antique rug cleaning service


Cleaning process of an a special rug such as: oriental, wool, shag, Persian, Silk, antique rug and more.

Most of special rugs are hand-knotted rugs that are made from natural fibers. They are designed in two primary forms including the pile rugs and the flat woven rugs. The pile rugs are designed with knots sheared to create the pile. The most commonly used pile fibers include wool and silk. The flat woven fibers resemble tapestry fabric. They are reversible, and they provide excellent wear and durability. Area rugs bring beauty and sophistication to any home. The rugs are capable of completing the furnishing of a well-decorated room with their great look. Oriental rugs are costly and delicate; hence they should be kept clean and well-maintained. The following are steps involved in the process of cleaning an oriental rug:


1. Initial Inspection of an Area Rug


The company experts carry out an initial inspection of the special rug to determine the type of rug and its inherent characteristics. A representative of the company will pick the rug from the client's home, office, storage unit or other convenient place.

Area rug cleaning
Area rug Cleaning professional

2. Pre-inspection and photo documentation


The rug is again thoroughly pre-inspected, and a photo is taken to determine the existence of any conditions that may affect the cleaning process. The conditions will then be documented to help in finding the best method that is both safe and efficient for cleaning the rug. Before the cleaning process begins, the client will be contacted by the company representative to discuss the condition of the area rug. After an authorization from the customer, the cleaning process begins, and it is limited by the conditions encountered in the particular rug.


3. Pre-vacuuming


The area rug is pre-vacuumed using a Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) - approved commercial vacuum. The goal of the pre-vacuuming process is to get rid of the surface hair lint and any other insoluble dry soil.

4. Dusting


Area rugs are known to hide a lot of dry soil. Studies have shown that hand-knotted wool pile rugs can hold up to 87 pounds of soil. Various techniques will be applied in the dusting process including gently beating it from the back side. Dusting is a vital step because dry particles are capable of cutting the rug’s fibers leading to a premature tear.

5. Color-fastness test


A prolonged colorfastness test will be performed to determine the best cleaning method that will not cause possible color migration.


6. Pre-spotting


Tricky spots will then be pre-treated with solutions to increase the chances of their removal.


7. Pre-conditioning


Pre-conditioning allow the dirt to dissolve and emulsified before the actual cleaning process.

8. Fringe pre-treatment


A fringe cleaner is used to clean the fringe to remove dirt that may be present.

9. Rinse or flush


Dirt such as soil will then be cleaned from the rug using an extraction machine. The soil can also be flushed using a specialized wand in a rug bath that is designed specifically for special area rugs.

10. Forced air drying


The rug is the dried flat on the company's drying platform. It can also be hung on the rug tower in a climate controlled environment.


11. Grooming and final vacuuming


After the area rug is dried, it will then be groomed using a soft bristle brush that is made for specialty rugs. The final vacuuming is aimed towards getting rid of any loose fibers and dry soil that might have surfaced during the drying process.


12. Application of fabric protection


Fabric protectors such as fluorochemical protectors are then applied to enhance the performance of the rug (Extra fees may apply for rug protection). 


13. Post-inspection


A final inspection is performed before it is released for pick-up or delivery to the client’s home. 


Special area rugs require professional care to maintain their sophisticated quality and prolong their durability. Unlike other regular area rugs, oriental, Persian, Turkish, Chinese, antique, silk, shag rugs and more need a gentle cleaning process. The rugs are designed in different styles using a variety of construction materials. The cleaning process should be capable of preserving the colors within the fibers making it look fresh and vibrant.

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Oriental rug cleaning


Whether you own an antique handmade rug, unique Oriental rug, Silk, Persian or Indian rug, it is a crucial part of your home décor that should always be sparkles. Don’t grapple with dirty rugs; let us wash them for you to maintain their pristine conditions.


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