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​ ​Why oriental rugs need to be cleaned in a special way?

How special are oriental rugs?

Oriental rugs are very special in that they add an alluring appeal to any dull space in the house. Their elaborate designs and pleasing colors add a pleasant charm to the living area and harmonize the room with its surroundings.

​Why oriental rugs need to be cleaned in a special way?

The intensive manual process of making oriental rugs makes them very expensive thus proper maintenance is required. Cleaning oriental rugs at home is quite a risk. The fabric used-that is wool and silk-and the wide variety of dyes used makes them difficult to clean at home. The fibers in oriental rugs often accumulate dust and dirt, hence they ought to be vacuumed constantly. However, this usually makes the fibers stretch and wear out with time.

However, considering that oriental rugs are made with durable material, they can last a lifetime if proper care is taken when cleaning them.

Cleaning them well ensures that colors don’t mix or fade hence such irreversible damages can be avoided. To ensure your oriental rug is properly cleaned, it is only wise to leave it to the professionals to do the cleaning. They are trained, and they know what methods are appropriate for any particular rugs.

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Whether you own an antique handmade rug, unique Oriental rug, Silk, Persian or Indian rug, it is a crucial part of your home décor that should always be sparkles. Don’t grapple with dirty rugs; let us wash them for you to maintain their pristine conditions.


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