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How To Clean Fine Rugs?

Why special rugs such as: Oriental, Persian, Turkish, Antique Rugs Need Professional Cleaning?

Deep Cleaning.

Special rugs require special deep cleaning to ensure that they maintain their appearance and beauty. If special rugs are not cleaned well, discoloration can occur, and their durability is also affected. Since special rugs are passed down from one generation to another, you will need a professional to maintain them so that they retain their beauty.

The Right Machinery.

Professional cleaning companies have the right equipment required to clean oriental rugs. The workers know what machines to use in a particular type of rug and ensure that there is no damage to the fibers or that colors don’t mix. Besides, only such equipment can remove the dirt, grime, odors or bacteria that deeply rooted in the rugs. Regular cleaning at home cannot remove them, which could pose health hazards to your family. A professional knows exactly how to remove them and disinfect your rug without causing any damage.


Professional cleaning companies have well-trained personnel who have experience. They know which method is most suitable for which type of rug. They also dry your rug properly. If the rugs are not dried well, moths start to grow and these are harmful to your health and damage the rugs. Cleaning companies will pick up the rugs from your home and reinstall them properly.

Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic Products.

Most cleaning companies have access to high-quality cleaning products. These products are designed specifically for oriental rugs. If you wash it yourself, you might worsen the stains or even discolor the rugs. Some products sold in stores damage the natural fibers in the rugs.

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Whether you own an antique handmade rug, unique Oriental rug, Silk, Persian or Indian rug, it is a crucial part of your home décor that should always be sparkles. Don’t grapple with dirty rugs; let us wash them for you to maintain their pristine conditions.


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