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Rug Repair And Restoration

Our repair services include:

  • Repair & restoration of any type of rug; fine imported, domestic, hand and machine-made rugs.

  • Binding repair.

  • Machine fringing.

  • Hand fringing.

  • Add or cut fringes.

  • Restoration of colors and designs.

  • Fixing holes & Holes Patching.

  • Blocking of rugs.

  • Water damage restoration.

  • Binding and overcasting.

  • Spot & stains removal.

  • Hand-patching and reweaving of any type of rug.

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Why Should You Choose Us

• We have fully fledged rug cleaning company that does all its activities in-house. We don’t hire subcontractors to help us clean your rugs.

• We have a state of- the-art warehouse that is equipped with modern tools that help us to remove and handle any stain.

• No job is too big or too small for us. We can handle all rugs cleaning including unique oriental rugs, Chinese, Indian as well as antique rugs.

• We utilize environmentally friendly cleaning techniques.

• We offer other vital care services such as anti-microbial treatment, deodorizing, Scotchguard,  moth proofing and dust mite treatment.

• We also pick and deliver back your rugs for free.

Whether you own an antique handmade rug, unique Oriental rug, Silk, Persian or Indian rug, it is a crucial part of your home décor that should always be sparkles. Don’t grapple with dirty rugs; let us wash them for you to maintain their pristine conditions.


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